Presentation Upload Guidelines:

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Presentation Guidelines:


Poster sessions offer opportunities for interaction and discussion as researchers present their work in a visual format.

Poster sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes. It is recommended you bring thumbtacks for fixing posters on the poster boards, though they will also be provided. Below you can find guidelines for the information that the poster should contain and its size.

A poster should be clear and concise. The information should flow and be as self-explanatory as possible so that the presenter’s role is to supplement the information presented in the poster. 

We suggest an attractive structured layout whereby the title and authors’ names and affiliations are at the top of the poster. We suggest to include very brief rationale, the aim of the study, methods including participants and materials, results and conclusions. When appropriate and helpful, diagrams, tables and graphs may be used to illustrate the results. These components may be presented in panels to organize the content. 

Because there is limited space in posters, please be sure to effectively and concisely present the most important information. It is important not to overcrowd the poster with text and data. The title and the conclusion tend to be “eye catchers” and it is recommended they are descriptive and precise with necessary yet brief information. 

Poster size should be ISO A0 in portrait format (84.1 X 118.9 cm- vertical with short ends on top and bottom). Posters are viewed from a distance of about 1.5 meters, so text should be large enough. We recommend that major titles/subtitles be in large letters, at least 2-3 cm when printed. It is suggested that there will be enough space between text lines (1.5 – 2 line spaces). Background colors should not distract. 

The layout should help guide the audience through the poster. The arrangements of columns or rows should visually connect portions that are related conceptually. We recommend that handouts of poster (or summary) be available to share with interested participants. Poster boards and materials for fixing the posters will be provided on-site.


Individual papers were clustered into paper sessions consisting of four thematically related paper presentations. Paper sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes. Each paper presentation is allotted approximately 15 minutes for presentation time. We suggest that at the end of all presentations there is a 10- minute open discussion, though questions may be asked at the end of each paper presentation. 


Symposia provide an opportunity to present research on one topic, often from multiple perspectives, compiling a coherent set of papers for discussion. Symposia sessions are directed by a chair, involving four presenters with a possibility for a discussant. A symposium is scheduled for 75 minutes, allowing 15-20 minutes for presentation and questions per speaker with a short open discussion time at the end, or alternatively, 15 minutes per paper with 10 minutes for a discussant and open discussion. We suggest the format be clearly described by the chair at the beginning of the session.